The 'input window' is used to enter the word that you need rhymes for and to keep track of the last ten words that you entered. See the figure below for a description of its functionality. Select the advanced option for more control over the rhyme results.

  • In stead of clicking the RHYME! button, you might as well use the enter key on your keyboard.
  • You can also search the words of a 'rhyme extention' directly by filling in the 'rhyme extention' in the text box, preceded by a dash (-)


If you tick-marked the 'advanced' checkbox, an additional window appears displaying more details about the rhyme results. In the figure below the features of the 'advanced window' are highlighted.

  • If the 'rhyme extention' does not exist in the database, a 'lower' result will be suggested (if present).
The text box 'rhyme extention' shows the results for the current word, but can also be used to fill in the 'rhyme extention' yourself (followed by the FIND button).

The area below the text box shows the 'rhyme extentions' that are related to the current 'rhyme extention'. This relation can be on an equal level (i.e. sounding similair to the current results), on a 'lower' level (i.e. 'rhym extentions' containing a smaller number of syllables) or be a close match (i.e. 'rhyme extentions' that almost sound the same). In the figure above the word 'yellow' is used to illustrate the different types of relation for the 'rhyme extentions'


Not many 'phonetic rules' have been coded; in stead I link 'rhyme extentions' that sound similair. However, there are a couple of cases that require special consideration:

rhyme extenion implementation
-ive This is the category of drive, dive, etc. Words like give, live, etc. are stored in -iv
-iver This is the category of liver, shiver, etc. Words like diver, driver, etc. are stored in -yver
-oor This is the category of poor, etc. Words like door, floor, etc. are stored in -ore
-eak This is the category of weak, peak, etc. Words like break and steak are stored in -ake
-eaker This is the category of weaker, streaker, etc. Words like breaker are stored in -aker
-as vs. -ass These categories differ in UK English, but not in American English
-al vs. -all Is like pal versus wall
(and a few more)  



  • Although new words are added to the database on a regular basis, not all words or categories are present. Therefor it can be worth while to also search for rhymes of a 'variant' of the word. For example, for the word riding also search for ride, for glasses also search for glass, etc.
  • To INCREASE TEXT SIZE, use the browser's functionality. In Internet Explorer, choose View, Text Size. in the menu.


(If you have questions,comments or suggestions, you can leave a message on the info page.)